Handheld Creative Tools

ハンドヘルド クリーエーティブ トゥールズ
icon matchstick


Spark Random Ideas

Matchstick is a tool to help spark ideas in a different ways. Random words, snow-clones and creative prompts

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icon parisukat


A Very Limited Pixel Art Program

Parisukat is a simplified pixel art program. It was designed to be portable and to work around minimal input.

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icon temper


DIY Music Visualizer

Temper is a minimal music visualizer. Turn up some music and start button smashing while you dance.

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I couldn’t find the simple creative tools that I wanted, therefore I made my own. This set of tools have been my side projects in one way or another for a decade. I’m not a professional software developer, but I know enough to be dangerous and make something useful.


These tools were designed to run on some retro handheld devices. Specifically for the Anbernic RG280V. It's the only one I can afford. These will probably work if you're running OpenDingux on your device. No guarantees. I did create a free version of Parisukat to try out first.

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